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Title: Watch Muqabil Episode 6 – Drama ARY Digital Tv
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Muqabil Episode 6 – Drama ARY Digital Tv Channel:  Ary Digital Tv Drama:   Muqabil  Episode 6 Timings : Every Tuesday at 08...

Muqabil Episode 6 – Drama ARY Digital Tv

Channel: Ary Digital Tv
Drama: Muqabil Episode 6
Timings: Every Tuesday at 08:00 pm PST
Directed By: Ali Hassan
Written By: Zafar Mairaj
Cast: Saba Hameed, Saifi Hassan, Kubra, Asif Raza Mir, Shaheen Khan, Mohsin Abbas and Others...

Watch Muqabil Episode 6 – Drama ARY Digital Tv

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  2. Muqabil is a story of Parisa who’s a quite girl and extremely reserved, she has a dominant mother who is full of herself and self made.Parisa however, gets married to a middle class man Armaan whom she really likes and find her sanity in him. if you like this drama serial and watch all Episodes visit follow this link: