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Title: Watch Ghalti (2016) Drama – all episodes online (A Plus TV)
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Watch Ghalti – A Plus Tv (2016 Drama) Drama Ghalti   – Pakistani Drama Online – A Plus Tv Channel:  A Plus   Tv Dr...
Watch Ghalti – A Plus Tv (2016 Drama)
Drama Ghalti – Pakistani Drama Online – A Plus Tv

Channel: A Plus Tv
Drama: Ghalti
 Thu to Fri at 09:00 pm PST
Directed By: 
Kaleem Rajput
Written By: 
Iftikhar Ahmed Usmani
Cast: Abid Ali, Agha Ali, Saniya Shamshad, Sidra Batool, Sajida Syed, Lubna Aslam, Shaheryar Zaidi, Naila Jaffery and Others...

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  2. Yasir sy shadi Kr lati to acha tha