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Title: Watch Tum Yaad Aaye Episode 14 – Drama ARY Digital Tv
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Tum Yaad Aaye Episode  14  – Drama ARY Digital Tv Channel:  Ary Digital     Drama:   Tum Yaad Aaye  Episode  14 Timings : Ever...

Tum Yaad Aaye Episode 14 – Drama ARY Digital Tv

Channel: Ary Digital   
Drama: Tum Yaad Aaye Episode 14
Timings: Every Thursday at 09:00 pm PST
Directed By: Aabis Raza
Written By: Naila Asnari
Cast: Sehar Afzal, Sania Saeed, Nadeem Baig, Agha Ali, Muneeb Butt, Erum Akhter, Umer Sultan, Asim Azhar, Diya Mughal, Nida Mumtaz, Ayesha Gull, Moomal Khalid and Others...

Watch Tum Yaad Aaye Episode 14 – Drama ARY Digital Tv

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